Daniel Pocock, Nomination for Ireland, Midlands-North-West, European Parliament Elections 2024

The returning officer has published my nomination to represent the district of Midlands-North-West, Ireland in the European Parliament.

Polling day in Ireland is Friday, 7 June 2024.

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Please print my brochure if you want Ireland to change


I'm the only candidate with the skills and experience to handle issues relating to Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, AirBNB and the risks of technology for your children.

Those issues have a much bigger impact on your job and housing than the immigration problem.

Why vote for and promote Mr Pocock for Midlands-North-West?

Experience in multiple countries (UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia) and multiple business sectors (finance, technology and non-profit).

Trains: while some climate topics are controversial, there appears to be very broad public support for bringing back Ireland's missing trains. Mr Pocock is the only candidate who has the experience of a community campaign that saved a train in Australia. He can bring this international experience and success mentality to Ireland.

Healthy and safety, mental health, children and technology: Mr Pocock has been outspoken about these issues in the field of software engineering and the impact of technology on society. Read the blog post "Google, FSFE and Child Labor" that prompted attempts to have Mr Pocock censored. Read Mr Pocock's analysis of the Debian suicide cluster. Watch Mr Pocock's appearance at the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva.

Empathy: when women in the free software movement complained, Mr Pocock listened and provided support to victims. When Mr Pocock heard about people in County Donegal losing their homes, he could empathise from his own experience.

Outsiders urgently needed for Ireland's toughest problems. From the Stardust cover-up to the "war zones" in our health system to the protracted Mica blocks crisis, Ireland is dogged by leadership failures. Midlands-North-West has five seats in the European Parliament. Giving one of those seats to a highly experienced outsider is the only way to break out of the buck-passing culture.

European Parliament provides a unique opportunity for independent candidates like Daniel Pocock to scrutinize the work of the parties we elect in all other levels of government.

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Postal voting

Urgent: if you can not visit the polling booth in person on 7 June, please apply for a postal vote before 11 May.


Full details of my platform will be posted throughout the campaign and this page will be updated with links to policy and campaign issues.

In short, I want to bring practical solutions to the real problems facing this district. As one of very few professional engineers (MIEI, MIEAust) contesting the election, I'm shocked by the stories of defective construction materials leaving families homeless. Given the tragedy at my own home in 2023, I hope to bring both experience and empathy.

In fact, the crisis of defective blocks in Irish homes has some remarkable similarities to the Swiss JuristGate crisis, whereby many cross-border workers and small businesses found our legal protection insurance to be worthless.

Please see my biography for background details.


If you are eligible to make donations, please follow the instructions here.


Anybody is welcome to volunteer for my campaign. Please help people find my web site and discuss my blogs with people. Please contact me by email if you would like to get involved in the campaign.

Threats against the Pocock campaign

I have already received numerous threats of defamation, physical and sexual violence. These will be documented to help the community understand the challenges of talking about inconvenient truths.


The West Clare Hotelier was elected on my birthday. Make of that what you will. It is also the day the Berlin Wall came down.

Why on earth would anybody want to run for public office?

Research found that some of the world's largest companies have spent over $120,000 trying to censor me even before I announced my candidacy. I guess that I might have something to say that is in the public interest.

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Print my brochure

Please print my brochure if you want Ireland to change

Daniel Pocock, European Parliament election 2024
Daniel Pocock, European Parliament election 2024

Print my brochure

Please print my brochure if you want Ireland to change