MEP candidate recordings of Debian intimidation, blackmail and threats

In May, news reports told us that one of my competitors, Lisa Chambers, who is leader of the Irish senate, had a stalker at her home. I could empathize with her story.

I have also been a victim of stalking from some of the rogue people in Debian and FSFE. They have been at it since 2017. They are trying to undermine my ability to speak about privacy problems for people on the Internet.

Listen to these recordings. They told us Debian is a "family". When people like this come to your home, it is domestic violence.

Recording one: : "this is going to get worse and worse"

Recording two: : "where are you Mr Pocock?"

Recording three: : "you are going to be alone against us"

The Debian group has a a history of over 30 years of threats and intimidation, harassment and abuse.

Older threats and punch recorded

The man who makes these threats and the punch is an Indian. But it happened in Switzerland. Swiss lawyers told me this type of behavior is acceptable in the workplace.

Recording one: : "I mean I don't know what makes you stay here after I am so abusive to you"

Recording two: : the punch

Please stand with me

I left Zurich in 2017, why are these people still stalking me?

There are certain Germans and Swiss who get a bee in their bonnett and can't stop harassing somebody. This is a lot worse than the stalker who went after Senator Chambers.

Would you want to be alone with these people?

Today is the day that Ireland votes. I'm asking people to vote [1] Daniel Pocock for Midlands-North-West.