Election interference: fake news about harassment and abuse

There is a growing concern about the risk of fake news undermining European democracy.

Earlier this month, I looked at how a WIPO lawyer in America, W. Scott Blackmer, published a defamation to undermine my candidacy for the European parliament.

Now I will prove that the lawyer W. Scott Blackmer and those who paid him are publishing lies. In response to their lies, I am publishing audio recordings of harassment and abuse in my former workplace. It is clear that I am not the perpetrator, I was one of the victims.

The line manager can be heard admitting to abusive behavior. The manager admits that he regularly engages in this poor behavior.

Normally I would not publish something like this online. However, people have been asking about the mysterious references to harassment in Google search results. I tried to consult various lawyers to resolve this privately but none of them have any solutions.

A response from one Irish lawyer: "We are a small firm and our resources are quite stretched at this time."

These two recordings were approximately three months apart.

In the second recording, we can hear the punch, it is nasty. How can W. Scott Blackmer, WIPO and Google make games out of stuff like this? People spreading rumors about abuse are helping men like this and undermining real victims from these workplaces.

I consulted a Swiss jurist about the recordings. He was more concerned with covering it up than helping me. I left Zurich some years ago and didn't follow up any further.

Recording one: : "I mean I don't know what makes you stay here after I am so abusive to you"

Recording two: : the punch

Background: this is one of those managers who is constantly micro-managing and expects everybody to be on-call, reachable by mobile phone, 24 hours per day. He even goes to the bathroom with his phone glued to his head. Anybody who doesn't live like that is perceived to be defective. When he is notified of a problem, such as the problem we are discussing he will initially ignore the problem and then towards the end of the day he will suddenly declare the problem to be an emergency that requires working late. A colleague sitting closest to the manager's office was coming in to work on Sundays to catch up on tasks that required concentration because he couldn't concentrate when this manager was present.

Subject: 	Destruction of CDs
From: 	[redacted - Swiss jurist]
To: 	'Daniel Pocock' 

Dear Daniel

As just discussed on the phone, I will destroy the CDs you have sent me today because they obtain illegal recordings.

Best Regards



MLaw [redacted]

Rechtsanwalt und Notar


[redacted - address]

+41 [redacted]



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In October 2022 I was in the university district of Lausanne when a giant crane at a construction site collapsed. The crane operator was killed. The sound of the crash was heard throughout the city. At the time of the crash, I heard it but I didn't know what it was until I went past the construction site later and I saw the scene of the disaster. It is now more than 18 months since the accident and I can not find any public report about the cause of the accident.

Is that another cover-up like the Juristgate affair?

What about the case of the Debian Developer from Basel, Switzerland who died on the day of our wedding. Was it part of the Debian suicide cluster. There was no public inquest.