Choosing an RSS and Atom feed reader

Do you care about computer security topics, risks to kids online and all the other important ethical issues covered in my blog posts?

If you need or want updates about these topics please don't allow the information overload on social media to get in the way. The most reliable way to follow blogs that publish expert writing is with a feed reader for blogs publishing RSS and Atom feeds.

You can get feed readers that work through a web site and you can get feed readers that are installed as apps in your computer, your web browser or your phone.

Feed readers as Mozilla Firefox plugins

See the Feedbro plugin or the more extensive list of suggested plugins.

Feed readers as Chrome / Chromium plugins

See the Feedbro for Chrome plugin.


Install the Feeder app.

Feeder is available in both F-Droid and in the Google Play store.

Subscribing to the feed my blog articles

If you have installed a feed reader that is compatible with your web browser then you can click the feed URL below and you will be offered the option to subscribe to the feed.

If you are using Feedbro then you can click the Extensions icon on your browser toolbar and click Find Feeds in Current Tab

If your feed reader is not integrated with your browser then you can copy and paste the feed URL.
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