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  • OpenPGP
    • Key ID: 7BD756C4
    • Fingerprint: F50F F72A ADF5 C01B F0FC E563 6C65 80E7 7BD7 56C4

Chat/instant messaging

My email address is also an XMPP address, so you do not need to ask me for any other user ID.

Please just make sure you are using a proper XMPP-compatible chat system like Jitsi. MSN and Skype are like little islands that prohibit their users talking to people on other networks, so I don't use them.

Protocol Contact
IRC pocock on and


+44 20 7135 7000

Amateur radio

Country Callsign
Australia VK3TQR
Switzerland HB9FZT
United Kingdom M0GLR

Social media

Daniel Pocock on LinkedIn

Although I have profiles on various social media web sites, I do not use them regularly and I don't have time to check for messages in all these different places, so please don't use the messaging apps within these sites to try and reach me - just contact me through email or XMPP chat.