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  • OpenPGP
    • Key ID: 7BD756C4
    • Fingerprint: F50F F72A ADF5 C01B F0FC E563 6C65 80E7 7BD7 56C4

Chat/instant messaging

My email address is also an XMPP address, so you do not need to ask me for any other user ID.

Please just make sure you are using a proper XMPP-compatible chat system like Jitsi. MSN and Skype are like little islands that prohibit their users talking to people on other networks, so I don't use them.

Protocol Contact
IRC pocock on and


+44 20 7135 7000

Amateur radio

Country Callsign
Australia VK3TQR
Switzerland HB9FZT
United Kingdom M0GLR

Social media

Although I have experimented with and written about various services, I do not use them and don't have time to check for messages in all these different places, so please don't use the messaging apps within these sites to try and reach me, you might end up contacting a stranger by mistake. Contact me directly through email or XMPP chat.