Galway street artists support social media concerns

In a previous blog, I looked at the question of whether an election campaign can be successful if a candidate does not want to have any social (control) media accounts.

Each day, there are more and more hits on my web site and the page about my nomination. Please look for opportunities to share and discuss these blogs as widely as possible.

There are many amazing street artists around Ireland. Kirsty is using spraypaint to create these paintings. She is also creating some pictures with artificial intelligence. Kirsty sits on the footpath selling them to passers-by:

Kirsty, Galway, street artists

Upon seeing Kirsty's sign, I gave her one of my how-to-vote cards and asked if would-be politicians can buy the paintings too. She agreed to make an exception and allow me to buy one.

Here is the painting:

Kirsty, Galway, twitter, peoplelovesdiamond

Twitter / X has been censoring people who try to post links to my blog.

If I don't make it to the European Parliament, there is a backup plan:

Daniel Pocock, Galway, Dail, Ireland

If you are concerned with the impact of social (control) media on our lives and those around us, including children, please give your most vigorous support to my campaign for European parliament.