European Parliament election count 2024 day 1

The European Union countries conduct elections for the European Parliament between 6 and 9 June 2024.

The media will not begin broadcasting any results until all the countries finish their voting. Each country has chosen different days for voting. Some of the countries are still voting on the last day, Sunday, 9 June and we will not see official results before the last vote is cast anywhere in Europe.

Ireland voted on Friday, 7 June and opened the ballot boxes on Saturday, 8 June. The officials began counting the ballot papers for the local council elections and some of those results have already been announced today.

The ballot papers for the European Union were sorted into bundles and secured for transport to a central location. For the region of Midlands-North-West, the army will transport all the ballot papers to Castlebar in County Mayo tonight. On Sunday morning, they will begin sorting and counting those ballot papers.

As there were 27 candidates for the region, the voters can number every candidate and there are 1.8 million registered voters, it could take a week to do all the counting and preference transfers. Five seats are being elected. The first seat may be known on Monday or Tuesday while the fifth seat may not be known until the end of the week.

After all the years of harassment from rogue elements of Debian, the people who began attacking my family and I around the time my father died, including the defamation and insults distributed on 6 June, the day before voting, I personally feel that I am going to end up with the smallest number of votes or maybe no votes at all and I will probably be the first candidate eliminated from counting.

Evidence has confirmed that there is a Debian suicide cluster. The people who impose themselves upon the careers of their co-authors and our families like this appear to revel in causing pain and grief. When predicted suicides occur in such a toxic culture, can we just call these Debianists murderers?

Daniel Pocock, Ireland, Galway, count, Midlands-North-West


Ireland, Galway, count, Midlands-North-West

I began my campaign with a visit to Ali Farren of the brand new 100% Redress Party. They are not competing in the European election, they are only competing in the local elections. Mr Farren has achieved brilliant results today, outperforming all the existing Irish political parties in his region.

The defective concrete blocks in these houses remind me of the defective legal protection insurance in the Swiss JuristGate affair.

Congratulations Mr Farren.

Daniel Pocock, Ali Farren

Highland Radio published a photo of Mr Farren in their studio. Please consider the incredible task this man has ahead of him. The smile might not last long.

Ali Farren, Highland Radio