How much does Google pay to destroy a man and his family?

I've started creating this page to keep track of the kill money that I feel Google is laundering through the bank accounts of Software in the Public Interest, Inc and the Debian "Project". This page may be updated from time to time as more of this dirty money is uncovered.

On 20 March 2013, a report in the French senate expressed great concern that European countries are becoming digital colonies under the reign of foreign companies like Google.

Organizations like Free Software Foundation Europe e.V. (FSFE) are being used by Google for the purpose of astroturfing in Europe.

In January 2017, I nominated myself as a candidate in the FSFE elections.

The FSFE voting was conducted using the Cornell University CIVS online voting service. Voting finished on 24 April 2017. That is the anniversary of the Easter Rising when Irish citizens rose up against colonisation. Coincidentally, I was the first Irish citizen elected into this role in the German FSFE.

FSFE typically obtains up to twenty percent of of their budget from Google.

FSFE budget 2022, gold donors, google

I made a series of discoveries about corruption in the FSFE.

I completely resigned from the organization in September 2018.

After my resignation, the Googlists have attacked my family constantly with a campaign of online harassment.

Here I look at the money Googlists paid for these attacks and I contrast that against money that these Googlists have refused to pay in other situations.

Unexplained death of Adrian von Bidder

These details are extracted from the more comprehensive blog about the mysterious death.

von Bidder had an official role as secretary of the "Verein" incorporated under Swiss law.

Andreas Tille, who is a candidate in the 2024 Debian election did not want any Debian money to be used towards the cost of a wreath or flowers.

Subject: Re: Death of Adrian von Bidder
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:56:04 +0200
From: Andreas Tille <>

... [snip] ...

The donators of the Debian project intend to spend money for the
development of the Debian project.  If we spend Debian money for a
wreath (or any form of replacement donation) this is not related to the
development of Debian.  It is rather *us* *people* who say goodby to
a friend.  So the money should not come from project funds but rather
from single developers.

Saying this I would like to vote against spending Debian money but
rather doing a separate collection.  I could live with some kind of "de
facto" collection like this:  I will ask for Debian money for DebConf.
In case Debian project money is really spended for Adrian's funeral I'd
simply ask for 10Euro less than I would have done otherwise.

... [snip] ...

In the end, individual donors contributed approximately CHF 682.78 to AMICA Schweiz, a charity supported by von Bidder's family. Not one Swiss Franc was contributed from Debian itself.

DebConf13 refusal to pay for dish washing

Local organizers of the conference estimated we would need to budget CHF 5,000 for casual workers to do dishwashing each evening over 2 weeks.

Debian oligarchs pushed for volunteers to do the work so they could save Google's money for other projects. Like paying the lawyers.

DebConf13 huge surplus in Swiss bank account

They couldn't pay for a wreath for Adrian von Bidder, despite the fact he was an officer of the association.

They couldn't pay for casual staff to wash dishes.

They had CHF 38,000 leftover at the end.

This money was kept in reserve for future vendettas.

Subject: Call for ideas -- useful ways of spending Debian money
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 21:46:17 +0200
From: Lucas Nussbaum <>

[ TL;DR: ETOO_MUCH_MONEY -- need ideas to flush queue ]


Thanks to the fantastic work of the DebConf13 sponsorship (fundraising)
team, DebConf13 generated a surplus. The current estimate of it is CHF 38k (that's USD 42k, or EUR 31k). That's excellent news.

The not-so-excellent news is that it means that the debconf13
association will have to pay income taxes for it. (no estimate yet;
Philipp Hug (DC13 and treasurer) will get in touch with a tax

Even if Switzerland has been very welcoming towards Debian, it would not
be a bad idea to try to avoid paying too much taxes. A good way to do
that is to spend some of the surplus (in ways useful to Debian, of

Could you start thinking of useful ways to spend some money? servers?
porter boxes? buildds? sprints? Of course, it would need to be spent before
the end of 2013. There are no known restrictions on what we can buy or
where we can ship. What we end up buying will of course be made public
as usual. To move forward, please reply to this mail, providing an
estimate and a justification. Or mail leader@ + auditor@ if you prefer.

Somehow related: we are participating in GNOME's Outreach Program for
Women, winter edition[1].

As already stated in April[2], I wouldn't favor a situation where Debian
funds are used to pay OPW participation on a regular basis. However, as
an experiment, it makes sense to help that happen for the first time (it
didn't happen in the summer edition).

So, if the fundraising effort currently being set up fails to raise
enough money for one stipend, but still raises a significant amount of
money, I will authorize the use of Debian money for the difference
(likely for at most $2900 -- that's half the stipend, so the other half
needs to come from fundraising).


Q: Why is this on -private@?
A: Because I'm not sure yet how cautious we need to be about the DC13
   surplus situation. Better safe than sorry. We can restart the
   discussion on a public list when/if things are cleared.


Google Summer of Code kickbacks

I resigned from mentoring in Google Summer of Code at a time when I lost two family members.

Google sent this money into Debian bank accounts. I never received any recognition for my own efforts as a mentor between 2013 and 2018.

Subject: Re: Payment Instructions for GSoC 2018 Organizations
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 11:39:41 +0200
From: Martin Michlmayr <>
To: Molly de Blanc <>
CC: Daniel Pocock <>,,,

This is just to let you know that we're about to receive the
funds from Google for GSoC 2018.

   2. Debian Project - $17,200

(note: this is more than you should get according to my calculation,
but maybe I'm wrong:
>>> 2200 + 500 +  500 * 26
I guess you're getting 4x the student travel scholarship

   Payment for each organization includes:

     * Student stipends ($500 per student developer)
     * Mentor summit stipend ($2200)
     * Student travel scholarship ($500)
     * Deductions for missing evaluations ($1100 per evaluation missed)


A mysterious payment of $300,000

The email tells us they received two payments of $300,000 each. The total is therefore $600,000.

Subject: Realizing Good Ideas with Debian Money
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 07:49:25 -0400
From: Sam Hartman 
To: Mo Zhou 
CC: Andrey Rahmatullin ,,

[moving a discussion from -devel to -project where it belongs]

>>>>> "Mo" == Mo Zhou  writes:

    Mo> Hi,
    Mo> On 2019-05-29 08:38, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
    >> Use the $300,000 on our bank accounts?

So, there were two $300k donations in the last year.
One of these was earmarked for a DSA equipment upgrade.
DSA has a couple of options to pursue, but it's possible they may
actually spend $400k on an equipment refresh.

$200k doesn't really go that far in terms of big infrastructure projects
like bikeshed or similar.

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to guide a discussion of
the Money issues Martin brought up in his campaign.  I don't have time
to guide that effor myself.  Real thought needs to be put into it; it
will be at least as much work as the discussions I'm leading on
packaging practices and git if done correctly.

However it could be very valuable for the project.


They told us one payment came from the Handshake Foundation.

They gave us a hint that the second payment came from Google but they refuse to say it explicitly. Why?

Subject: Bits from the DPL (December 2018)
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 14:36:49 +0000
From: Chris Lamb <>

... [snip] ...

 * Acted a central contact point connecting the various parties
   involved in receiving a significant donation to Debian from their
   Open Source office [14].

   Thank you in particular to Cat Allman for making this happen. :)

... [snip] ...


... [snip] ...

The OSI President and Google

One of our collaborators in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) was the OSI President, Molly de Blanc.

At the end of 2018, de Blanc traveled to the GSoC Mentor Summit and had discussions (received orders) from Google.

The OSI President appears at FOSDEM in Brussels where she shows a picture of a cat behind bars.

Molly de Blanc, FOSDEM, cat behind bars

The OSI President appeared again at FrOSCon a few months later where she promoted pushing people.

Molly de Blanc, FrOSCon, push others

WIPO payment in 2022

Here is the money sent to WIPO to censor a web site.

Debian, WIPO, censorship

Tribunal of Vaud, Switzerland, February 2023

Here is one of the payments made to the cantonal tribunal in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, begging the judge to denounce my company the Software Freedom Institute.

Debian, Tribunal, Vaud, Switzerland

Expenses processed by Software in the Public Interest, Inc

These amounts are extracted from the reports on the SPI web site.

YYYY-MMAmount ($USD)

The total of these payments for the period January 2019 to January 2023 is $USD 120,843.26

They couldn't find CHF 200 to buy a wreath for Adrian von Bidder in Basel. They couldn't pay the casual workers to wash the dishes at DebConf13 in Vaumarcus. But they found $USD 120,843.26 to pay the lawyers.

Google, Debian, kill money

Use of more funds

The reports don't show any more transactions after January 2023. Did they use the bank account in Switzerland to make the subsequent payments?

Software in the Public Interest, Inc, charges a 5% handling fee

When Google and other companies pay money into the account, Software in the Public Interest, Inc, charges a 5% handling fee. Therefore, to pay $120,843.26 to the lawyers, Google has to deposit $128,000.

Money is hidden in other non-profit entities

There is a list of these on the Debian Wiki.

Some of these organizations do not seem to publish any financial reports at all.

There is no consolidated report on Debian revenues and expenditures.

Debian harassment and abuse culture

Please see my chronological history of how the Debian harassment and abuse culture evolved.