Debian expulsion lies & blackmail

Rogue members of the Debian ecosystem continue to spread untrue statements about expulsions.

Update 2021-11-21: rogue elements of Debian now threatening to reprimand and attack anybody who asks questions about the personal relationships that benefited from the $10,000 diversity budget and the Outreachy grooming evidence. The largest Debian mailing lists and IRC channels are now under partial or complete moderation/censorship, directly contradicting the Debian Social Contract.

It is easy to prove these expulsions are not only untrue but also impossible.

Debian is not an organization. Debian is simply a trademark. The US trademark database shows the trademark is registered to another organization, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Most Debian Developers, myself included, have never been members of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

If we are not members and if we can not join, we can't be expelled.

Imagine making a movie and then removing the names of some people from the credits and putting other names in their place. Is that "expulsion"? Or is that simply stealing credit for somebody else's work? Removing names from the list of Debian Developers is much like removing somebody's name from the credits in a movie. It is wrong.

From the Debian diversity statement

The Debian Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone.

Banning/censoring some volunteers appears to be incompatible with the diversity statement. Does Debian really care about diversity or is it just more diversitywashing?

Next time I attend a Debian event or join a Debian booth at an event like FOSDEM, I may well wear a t-shirt carrying the opening line of the diversity statement. If some people can't work with the rest of us, they can stay home rather than trying to intimidate people.

Blackmail volunteers for our time, our money and endorsement of the cult

It has all happened before too many times. MJ Ray writes about the scandal of the Debian UK Society in 2006. Said Society asserted that everybody was a member and that "members" who did not pay their tithes and obey the oligarchs would be publicly expelled.

MJ Ray: In June 2005, Ian Jackson chastised me for directing a UK donation away from Debian-UK Society (DUS), quoting a chunk of debian rules

Forced membership under these terms is a close cousin of modern slavery

International Student's Day

Coincidentally, the day of the latest Debian extremism is International Students' Day. I started doing projects with Debian as a student in the 90s. The day commemorates the students murdered by Nazi occupiers in Czechoslovakia, 17 November 1939. Volunteers in Google-occupied free software organizations face fascism in the form of mind games predicated on impossible expulsions.

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