World IP Day 2023 theme: Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity & Debian vendettas

The theme for World IP Day 2023 is Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity

Over many years, I've done a lot to help women get an equal footing in free and open source software development. In return, Debian appears to be spending over fifty thousand Swiss Francs (equivalent $50,000) to try and get a Swiss judge to rubber stamp rumors of a relationship with my last female intern.

This could be one reason why nobody else is contesting the position of Debian Project Leader. They are cowards and they are hiding behind Jonathan Carter because he lives far away in South Africa. Carter, in turn, is hiding behind lawyers to torture volunteers.

The fee Jonathan Carter paid to the Tribunal of Lausanne is CHF 18,500, the fee paid to the lawyer is likely to be even bigger.

In comparison, I think the intern only received EUR 2,500 from Google Summer of Code for 12 weeks work.

debian, vendetta, walder wyss, pascale koster

Debian claims to be a community run by volunteers. Where does this money come from? Why is it being given to lawyers and the tribunal? Why doesn't Debian give money to the Developers who created it?

Here are volunteers selling T-shirts at FOSDEM to raise money:

Debian booth, FOSDEM, 2006, Brussels

According to the legal documents, Debian created this huge complaint, the size of a phone book, without even making any attempt at mediation:

Debian, vendetta, walder wyss

In their claim, they make multiple demands for the judge to publish a public humiliation, like an acid attack or like the graffiti on the house of Jacob Appelbaum:

Debian, vendetta, walder wyss, acid

This is the public judgment on the wall of Jacob Appelbaum's home in Berlin, did somebody from Debian or another open source group do this vandalism?

Debian, vandalism, graffiti, public judgement

How did Debian get to this tragic point?

In the documents, they claim it started with a mysterious conflict of interest (conflit à la foi) in Google Summer of Code or Outreachy but they present no evidence.

The only "preuve" the gangsters supply is a copy of a hollow defamation they created retrospectively by themselves in 2021:

Debian, GSoC, Outreachy, vendetta

Whenever anybody on social media asks them questions about the origin of this conflict, they make smears about a secret relationship with an intern. They never state this in the court documents because it is untrue and it is incredibly harmful to the woman and I.

I created a site Outreachy.Dating to tell the story of this lie and prove that it is false.

CHF 18,500 of Debian money has been given to the court to make a public humiliation of the former intern and I.

Many of us trust Debian as an operating system for our computers and servers. But can we really trust the people who make Debian?

Here is Ariadne Conill spreading rumours about a mentor (me) girlfriending one of the GSoC interns:

Ariadne Conill

The last female intern I was responsible for is Elena Gjevukaj. In the middle of her internship, she sent me a picture of her wedding.

Oops. Debian lies. Ariadne lies. If the woman got married in the middle of the internship then it is both very rude and very absurd for Debian people to suggest she was my girlfriend.

Subject:        Surprise
Date:   Wed, 15 Aug 2018 01:14:54 +0200
From:   Elena Gjevukaj <>
To:     Daniel Pocock <>

We got married! 😂
Elena Gjevukaj

Yet Ariadne persists. She is even stalking me on Twitter, despite the fact I don't have any social media accounts.

Ariadne Conill

By asking the tribunal to publish a judgment, Debian is basically asking the Swiss judge to endorse these rumors and insults. They have no actual evidence or proof of wrongdoing by anybody so they want to create this vindictive document from a tribunal as a substitute for proof. It is truly evil.

Is it time for Jonathan Carter to stop this lie and make a proposal to end this dispute?

Or will he keep pushing people and hurting people until he can get another volunteer suicide, like the tragedy of Frans Pop?

In the spirit of the World IP Day theme, there has never been a female Debian Project Leader. Would a woman be able to resolve this dispute more quickly and without causing so much embarassment for the mentors and interns? After all, we are only volunteers.

Please see some of my other pages about how Outreachy fell into disrepute.