Security & Debian: Urgent: New Feed URLs after another WIPO censorship

After the recent xz-utils backdoor, I'm going to start looking at the security cover-ups in Debian. There are still tens of thousands of messages about this on debian-private that have not yet been leaked by anybody.

After xz-utils, people have complained that the Debian suicide cluster has been done to death. Readers want to know about Debian competence, or lack thereof, in security. What does debian-private reveal about all this? If you are not one of the people who has been sucked into freeworking for DebianUbuntuGoogle then you might not feel the suicides are relevant to your personal circumstances. Nonetheless, everybody using Debian today is concerned about security, whether you are a full Debian Developer or just an end user.

Please URGENTLY update your feed readers and/or home page so that you don't miss what's coming next.

Some of the security blogs have been timed to coincide with the European Parliament elections. Please read about my candidacy here.

Here are the new feed URLs to replace the censored Please URGENTLY change your browser or feed reader before the censors complete the theft of the domain and kill off this site like all the suicide cluster victims.


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