reSIProcate v1.9 WebRTC available for Fedora 20 testing

Today I just released reSIProcate v1.9 packages into the Fedora 20 testing updates repository.

This means Fedora 20 users can now try WebRTC more easily.

The same version is already available in Debian wheezy-backports and Ubuntu trusty.

Get started today

Install the resiprocate-repro proxy server package using yum.

Set up a DNS entry, here is what we will use in the example:

WebSocket URL
Use this in JSCommunicator or JsSIP
IP address of server

so the DNS entry will be     IN    A

Notice that in the ws:// URL, we do not specify a port. This means port 80 is used by default. You can also use a non-standard port if you prefer or if you dont' have root permissions.

Now edit the file /etc/repro/repro.config, adding a transport definition for WebSockets (WS) and change a few other parameters from their defaults:

# Bind to on port 80
Transport1Interface =
# Use WS (can also use WSS for TLS, see repro.config for full details)
Transport1Type = WS
# if using WSS, must also change the transport param here
Transport1RecordRouteUri =;transport=WS

EnableFlowTokens = true
DisableOutbound = false

# Disable all authentication - just for testing
DisableAuth = false

# allow http admin access on all interfaces,
# default is
# HttpBindAddress =

Now set up a password for the web admin tool using htdigest:

# htdigest /etc/repro/users.txt repro admin

After all that, restart the repro process

# service repro restart

Go to the web interface on port 5080 (only listening on localhost by default), go to the "ADD DOMAIN" page and add

Now restart repro again so it recognises the new domain.

# service repro restart

Finally, you can test it using JSCommunicator or

Next steps

  • Set up a TURN server for NAT traversal
  • Use WebSockets over TLS (WSS) instead of regular WS mode
  • Set up authentication (see the various options, including client certificate support, in repro.confg)
  • Connect to regular SIP infrastructure such as Asterisk


Please come and ask on the repro-users mailing list