WebRTC calling from Firefox on CyanogenMod to Chromium on Debian wheezy

Just how easy is it to make a call with WebRTC?

Here I have two endpoints:

Type in the callee's SIP address...

Select front camera, grant permissions

The permissions have to be granted each time a call is made. This is to protect the privacy of the user.

Call viewed from mobile device

Call viewed from browser on laptop


freephonebox looks like an interesting technology demo. Are there any promising efforts to deliver a more complete user interface to the user? A regular user is going to want to have at least contact lists (with export and import), call logs, text chat, a way to create an account and a way to receive calls.

Some of those features (e.g. receiving calls) can be enabled in the configuration (just have a look through the https://FreePhoneBox.net HTML for the config.js link). In the https://rtc.debian.org site, based on the same http://jscommunicator.org JavaScript phone, users can log in using their debian.org identity and receive calls. Messaging support is in the JavaScript too, it just hasn't been added to the UI so far. It would be really easy for somebody who knows about making tabs with jQuery to help me add that - all the code is on github, pull requests are welcome.