Lumicall rapid provisioning, Opus support and other enhancements

Thanks to feedback from many people at DebConf15, Lumicall has had a range of improvements over the last couple of months and it is now easier to use and more reliable than ever.

Rapid provisioning for, and other SIP accounts

1. Setup your SIP password in the Debian LDAP or the FedRTC account setup (using Fedora OpenID) or any other SIP service that supports rapid provisioning (see the FAQ).

2. Install the Lumicall app from F-Droid, Google Play or by direct download.

3. When the app starts the first time, you can verify your phone number (so other users can call you using the number they know) or just click the "Manual account setup" link underneath the verification button. If you do verify your number, the "Add account" link is also available in the menu from the main screen.

Test calls

If a friend installs Lumicall too and you dial their number, the Lumicall popup should appear and give you the option to make the call over SIP.

You can also make test calls using this link for a recorded announcement.

Many other improvements

Share your experiences with Lumicall

All feedback is welcome. If you can come in person to the workshop in Manchester (2 November) or the mini-DebConf in Cambridge (I'll be there Saturday, 7 November) then we can look at any problems in person and access logs with the Android tools if necessary.

Discussion is also welcome on the Lumicall users mailing list or the Free RTC mailing list.