Lidl (Silvercrest and Livarno Lux) branded Zigbee products for Open Source users

I was in Lidl today and found a huge pile of Zigbee products is available this week. For those who don't know Lidl, they have a section of the store where they distribute a different range of products each week. For example, this week they have the Zigbee products, next week they might use the same space to display microwave ovens or power drills.

The Lidl products are usually incredibly cheap and their smart home / domotics products are no exception. They are offerning bulbs, LED strips, smart sockets, lighting panels and a smart home gateway. The smart home gateway is CHF 29, approximately EUR 25 or USD 29. That is a lot cheaper than any similar product or Zigbee adapter such as the Zigate USB stick.

The LED strip worked immediately with my Domoticz setup using a Zigate stick and Raspberry Pi. Notice that the diagram is wrong, the arrow on the controller must align with the VCC label on the LED strip.

I opened up one of the gateways to see what it is and whether it can be adapted to run free, open source software. Inside, it is the Tuya TYGWZ-01 white label gateway. On the board, there is a Realtek RTL8196E router chip, radio module with label 330010257 and part no. and an EM6AA160TSE-5G DRAM chip.

If you have any ideas about this unit please feel free to share them in the Domoticz forum.