Enforcing the Debian Social Contract with Uncensored.Deb.Ian.Community

According to the Debian New Maintainer process, there are approximately 1,500 Debian Developers. Each and every one of us agreed to uphold the Debian Social Contract when we asked to have our key added to the keyring. The Debian Social Contract (DSC) has 100% support from every co-author.

In comparison, when Debian Developers were asked to vote on the amateur-hour Code of Conduct, very few actually consented to that. Only 25% consented to CoC while 100% consented to DSC.

We frequently see bullies insisting they have to "enforce" the CoC. What about enforcing the Debian Social Contract?

Due to the ongoing attempts to use WIPO to censor web sites about my Debian work, I've created a new one. Please follow the site and/or the RSS feed:


Censors have spent over $120,000 trying to censor web sites, a clear violation of the Debian Social Contract.

There are plenty of Debian-inspired domain names out there to help real Debian Developers to keep the Debian Social Contract alive.

Please see my chronological history of how the Debian harassment and abuse culture evolved.