DebConf next week, free real-time communications session

DebConf13 is just about to get under way. While last year's event involved an exciting visit to Nicaragua, this year it is right here in Switzerland making it very convenient for many of those in the very populous community of free software enthusiasts across western Europe.

A long queue has already formed on the freeway going north from Italy into Switzerland's Gotthard Tunnel: did somebody put Debian's 20th birthday party on a social networking site?

The big invitation

On the final day of DebConf, Saturday 17 August, there is an afternoon track dedicated to the topic of free real-time communications. While DebConf is traditionally aimed at the Debian Developer community, real-time communications, by definition, requires cross-platform collaboration in order to succeed and it is a particularly hot topic thanks to recent revelations about communications privacy. Therefore, there is a wider invitation for visitors to attend this session, please just remember to register your details here, it is free (and private).

To get a feel for the topic, please see the video of the Free, Open and Secure Communications panel from FOSDEM 2013

Seeing Switzerland

Who said Switzerland is expensive? Swiss Postbus is offering free wifi now

Please see some of my previous blogs about Swiss travel for videos and pictures if you are looking for ideas for your time in .ch