Bad faith: no communication before opening WIPO UDRP case

The misfits did not make any attempt to contact me and propose a solution to the conflict. They unilaterally opened a dispute through the UDRP.

Moreover, I had published a blog telling people that I would consider giving some of the domains away to people who have similar rights derived from joint authorship.

There have been many opportunities for them to communicate with me like a human being. They talk about Debian being a "family" but they pack together like gang rapists to pick off developers one at a time and attack us.

They are bypassing any normal human communication because they want to cause the maximum amount of stress. They want WIPO to publish the name of my family in a negative context more than they want any of those domains.

In such circumstances, they prove they are committing the act of harassment under UDRP rule 15(e)