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Debian Jessie release, 100 year ANZAC anniversary

The date scheduled for the jessie release, 25 April 2015, is also ANZAC day and the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. ANZAC day is a public holiday in Australia, New Zealand and a few other places, with ceremonies remembering the sacrifices made by the armed services in all the wars.


The final part of our latest Australia trip took us to the Dandenong Ranges. To borrow a term from the Germans and Swiss, Mount Dandenong could be considered Melbourne's Hausberg or local mountain.

Australian wildlife

Here are some of the animals we have seen so far during our trip to Australia.


Some kookaburras flying into the trees around a friend's beach house at Kennett River on the Great Ocean Road.

Wodonga, Rutherglen, Echuca and Bendigo

The next stop on our Australia trip was Wodonga, for a quick lunch and then we proceeded onwards to the wine producing region around Rutherglen.

First stop was at Morris Wines where we were able to sample some of their products.

Canberra and Gundagai

After Sydney, the next part of our Australia visit takes us closer to Victoria along the Hume Highway.

First stop was Canberra, taking in the whole city at once from the Mount Ainslie lookout.

Sydney visit

Visiting Australia again. We arrived in Sydney this time, checked in to the apartment we had rented and then took the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly.

WebRTC: DruCall in Google Summer of Code 2015?

I've offered to help mentor a Google Summer of Code student to work on DruCall. Here is a link to the project details.

The original DruCall was based on SIPml5 and released in 2013 as a proof-of-concept.

It was later adapted to use JSCommunicator as the webphone implementation. JSCommunicator itself was updated by another GSoC student, Juliana Louback, in 2014.

The easiest way to run your own OpenID provider?

A few years ago, I was looking for a quick and easy way to run OpenID on a small web server.

A range of solutions were available but some appeared to be slightly more demanding than what I would like. For example, one solution required a servlet container such as Tomcat and another one required some manual configuration of Python with Apache.

Wrong day or wrong volcano?

On our last visit to Chile, we stayed in Pucon for a few days and went to climb the Villarrica volcano:

It is demanding (1500 meter rise in elevation from the bus stop, crampons must be worn on the glacier) but the view is breathtaking. While we were there, another nearby volcano erupted.

PostBooks accounting and ERP suite coming to Fedora

PostBooks has been successful on Debian and Ubuntu for a while now and for all those who asked, it is finally coming to Fedora.

Can you help?

A few small things outstanding: