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MH17 and the elephant in the room

Just last week, air passengers were told of intrusive new checks on their electronic devices when flying.

For years, passengers have also suffered bans on basic essentials like drinking water and excesses like the patting down of babies that even Jimmy Saville would find offensive.

Of course, all this is being done for public safety.

News team jailed, phone hacking not fixed though

This week former News of the World executives were sentenced, most going to jail, for the British phone hacking scandal.

Noticeably absent from the trial and much of the media attention are the phone companies. Did they know their networks could be so systematically abused? Did they care?

Bendigo: a risk of becoming the Australian capital of Islamophobia?

I spent most of my high-school years in a small town called Bendigo in Australia. These days, I'm living in the centre of Europe, Switzerland.

Oddly enough, a more than trivial number of people in Bendigo are now trying to imitate one of the darkest moments in Switzerland's history, a crusade to prevent the construction of a mosque.

Should Ireland rejoin the UK?

US President Obama has been widely quoted questioning Scottish independence.

Protest or Uber marketing stunt?

London's taxi "strike" today has been so successful that Uber claims to have had an 850% increase in new customer registrations this week. Well, that is a big success if you believe the strike may have been a guerrilla marketing tactic organised by Uber itself.

Trialing the xTuple/PostBooks next generation web UI

For some time I've been using PostBooks to keep track of finances. The traditional PostBooks system has a powerful Qt GUI.

The xTuple team have been hard at work creating a shiny new web-based user interface.

The traditional UI has no dedicated server - all users communicate directly with the PostgreSQL database where stored procedures and triggers ensure the correct logic is applied.

Click to dial for mobile users of your web sites

If there was a trivial way to let mobile phone users call you from your web site, just by adding a single HTML element to the page, would you do it?

In fact, there is. It doesn't even require a mobile WebRTC browser. It works for virtually any smartphone and a growing number of desktops too.

Introducing the tel: URI

The tel: URI is defined in RFC 3966.

Fixing WebRTC dropouts

A few people have observed dropouts using WebRTC, including the new Debian community service at rtc.debian.org

I've been going over some of these problems and made some improvements. If you tried it before and had trouble, please try again (rtc.debian.org is running with some of the fixes already).

Ganglia welcomes Google Summer of Code students for 2014

Ganglia has been granted funding for five students in the 2014 Google Summer of Code

The names of the students chosen for the program were announced on 21 April and the official coding period has started this week.

The students are: