Automatically building Java projects

Another of the GSoC project areas I have offered to mentor involves automatically and recursively building Java projects.

Why is this important?

Recently, I decided to start using travis-ci to automatically build some of my Java projects.

Google Summer of Code opportunities in JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery and WebRTC

WebRTC is one of the highlights of HTML5. The latest stable releases of Google Chrome (including the free Chromium browser) and Firefox include support for this technology and although the specifications are still being finalized, this is the time when developers can start preparing the first generation of web-apps that will define the future of this technology.

Google Summer of Code opportunities in data science and machine learning with Ganglia

As mentioned in my blog on Monday, the Ganglia Project is proud to be part of Google Summer of Code in 2014

The Ganglia team are offering various types of projects and different parts of Ganglia would welcome students with different skills, for example:

GSoC Organisations announced, Ganglia selected for 2014

Google has just published the list of organisations for Google Summer of Code 2014

It is no surprise that big projects like Debian and Fedora are all back again.

Outreach Program for Women applications

The deadline for Outreach Program for Women applications is very imminent and a range of applications have now appeared on the OPW wiki

It is great to see Debian has attracted a diverse range of women who all appear to have coding experience. Code samples have been submitted in Java, C++ and Python among other things and they come from a range of locations around the globe, including Brazil, the UK, Iran and India.

Final report on GSoC 2013 projects

Google Summer of Code finished recently. This is the first year that I have participated as a mentor for the Debian Project. Its a big responsibility to be part of the Debian team and to be one of the Debian team members representing Debian at the GSoC Mentor Summit.

Debian team at GSoC summit 2013

One of the most exciting things about the GSoC mentor summit 2013 has been the large number of participants who are Debian Developers, Debian Maintainers or other members of the wider Debian family

Debian team members at GSoC mentor summit 2013

Debian at GSoC mentor summit 2013

We're having so much fun that I'm just posting a couple of pictures... a full report will come later

Sylvestre and Daniel


DebConf13: breakthroughs in OTP and WebRTC

Saturday, 17 August was a day that saw groundbreaking new work revealed at DebConf13 and may have been a watershed moment in the emergence of WebRTC for the free software community.

Fabian Grünbichler, Daniel Pocock, Catalin Constantin Usurelu, Emil Ivov, Yana Stamcheva

GSoC students progress

I've been lucky enough to be involved in a team mentoring two students contributing to Debian under the Google Summer of Code program this year. Both students have demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm and talent and have just passed their mid-term evaluations.