Friday's video of the 2nd leg of the cable car journey was quite popular, Ganglia stats for the video server can't be wrong:

The first leg was skipped because of the low cloud cover. Weather reports in Switzerland, such as often show a distinction between the low clouds and high clouds, because many Swiss mountain resorts are high enough to enjoy ample sunshine by virtue of their altitude even when cities like Zurich and Geneva are overcast.

Now for the third leg, rising up to Berg. In the video, it is hard to gauge the size of the rocky cliffs along the route, but looking at the cable car's shadow will give a clue. As the cable car approaches the station in Berg, it feels like it takes forever to complete the journey. That is because the rocks are so much bigger than they appear from a distance.

The final leg to the Schilthorn summit will appear shortly. I understand many people are starting to contemplate their DebConf13 travel and summer holidays - please feel free to email me if you'd like me to post a video of some other feature in Switzerland.

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