Links to free/open source software projects that I contribute to in some way, and some notes on code I have contributed:

  • Ganglia
    • Contributed a variety of fixes for multi-homed hosts, GNU autotools improvements, RPM packaging and the support for Perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE) in the configuration file. Contributed to several chapters in the community-authored Monitoring with Ganglia book published by O'Reilly.
    • Maintaining the OpenCSW binary packages for Solaris users.
    • Ganglia modules for Linux - initiated this subproject for the development of metric code that is highly specific to Linux, for example, disk IO metrics, per-core CPU metrics and filesystem metrics.
    • Ganglia modules for Solaris - initiated this subproject for the development of metric code that is highly specific to Solaris, including per-LUN disk IO metrics and per-core CPU metrics based on the kstat API
  • reSIProcate SIP stack
    • Various fixes that impact the stack when used in a multi-threaded server scenario
    • Implementation of Federated SIP/VoIP support for true inter-domain/federated VoIP calling between disparate organisations on the public Internet.
    • B2BUA library implementation, allowing full SIP B2BUAs to be built in C++ with just a few dozen lines of code.
    • Overhaul of the custom build system, full implementation of the GNU autotools to enable convenient cross-platform compilation on a wider range of operating systems and packaging frameworks.
  • OpenCSW - where I maintain a number of ready-to-run binary packages for Solaris users
    • OpenCSW provides Solaris users with many of the tools that are now supplied as standard on Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
    • OpenCSW ensures that binary packages are prepared and distributed using consistent standards and quality assurance processes.
  • Flactag - a tool for tagging FLAC images of CDs using metadata from the publicly licensed MusicBrainz service.
    • Added support for standalone cuesheet file generation, to generate the cuesheets needed by XMMS2 and some other music players when using whole-disc FLAC files.
    • Added GNU autotools build system to enable wider packaging of the software

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