Nomination for Fedora Council Election 2020

After the successful release of Fedora 33, the Fedora Council elections have been announced.

I've decided to nominate. More details about my platform will appear soon.

Anybody meeting the eligibility criteria is free to nominate. Only one of us will be elected but every election is an opportunity to put forward new ideas and challenge existing practices. The quality of the debate depends a lot on the number and quality of candidates.

The biggest evidence of the power of democracy is the effort that some free software organizations have made to eliminate democracy. When the FSFE community elected me as Fellowship Representative in 2017, FSFE incumbents didn't just seek to remove me, they changed the constitution so that Fellows could not vote again. This wasn't so much an insult to me as it was an insult to every volunteer who voted. If this was about something I had done personally, they never would have made such a permanent change to the constitution. If democracy scares certain people so much then you can be sure you are not wasting your time if you have a go at it.

Here is that photo from the first day of voting in the FSFE elections. Notice I had stopped behind the line, where the small van is and the impact of this collision pushed me some meters into the roundabout. Like Arjen Kamphuis' disappearance, it looks a lot like an accident.