A mission statement for free real-time communications

At FOSDEM 2013, the RTC panel in the main track used the tag line "Can we finally replace Skype, Viber, Twitter and Facebook?"

Does replacing something else have the right ring to it though? Or does such a goal create a negative impression? Even worse, does the term Skype replacement fall short of being a mission statement that gives people direction and sets expectations of what we would actually like to replace it with?

Towards a clearer definition

Lets consider what a positive statement might look like:

Making it as easy as possible to make calls to other people and to receive calls from other people for somebody who chooses only to use genuinely Free Software, open standards, a free choice of service providers and a credible standard of privacy.

If you agree with this or if you feel you can propose a more precise statement, please come and share your thoughts on the Free RTC email list.

The value of a mission statement should not be underestimated. With the right mission statement, it should be possible to envision what the future will look like if we succeed and also if we don't. With the vision of success in mind, it should be easier for developers and the wider free software community to identify the steps that must be taken to make progress.