Free calling from browser to mobile with free software

Lumicall is now offering free calls from browser to mobile.

The whole service is powered by free software using open standards.


Various open source projects have made this possible, in particular:

The service is enabled by WebRTC which is part of the latest HTML and JavaScript standards. You need to have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or another modern web browser supporting WebRTC - so there is no need to install any plugin.

Feedback and discussion

Please come and join us on the mailing list for any of the third-party projects that are involved. Please also join the Free real-time communications list sponsored by the FSF Europe for any general discussion about the future of free communications with free software.

WebRTC Conference this week

I'll be presenting some of my own work with WebRTC at the WebRTC Conference and Exhibition 2013 in Paris this week. Various other free software developers are also in the program, including Ludovic Dubost from xWiki and Emil Ivov from Jitsi