dynalogin 1.0.0 released

dynalogin 1.0.0 has finally been released. It is available now from the dynalogin web site

Packages for Debian GNU/Linux are already in the experimental catalog. It will be made available in Debian unstable and backports as soon as the freeze is lifted for the wheezy release.

dynalogin is a distributed solution for one-time-password/token based two-factor authentication on Linux/UNIX based operating systems. It supports PAM (pam_dynalogin) and also has native client code for C/C++ and PHP applications. It is free, open source software, so users can ascertain for themselves that it is genuinely secure and reliable for their needs. dynalogin is licensed under GPL terms.

dynalogin works with various soft-tokens, including the dynalogin token for Android and the Google Authenticator for various mobile devices. HOTP and TOTP-based hardware tokens can also be used.

Many thanks to Simon Josefsson and the OATH toolkit project which provides the underlying authentication algorithms for dynalogin

dynalogin can be integrated with the SimpleID OpenID provider to provide a turn-key solution for web-based single-sign-on, intranets and extranets. All the necessary components are conveniently packaged in Debian and Ubuntu.