Bad faith: Debian Community domain used for harassment after WIPO seizure

When submitting a UDRP case to WIPO, complainants are asked to sign a declaration stating that they are not using the UDRP for harassment.

Here is what was submitted to WIPO for the Debian Community censorship case:

Jonathan Cohen, Debian, harassment, UDRP, WIPO

Here is a similar declaration submitted in the latest WIPO UDRP censorship case:

Alessio Canova, Debian, harassment, UDRP, WIPO

In the 2022 case, the WIPO panel did not publish the names of any volunteers or make any accusations against volunteers. Yet as soon as the Debianists had seized the domain, it was used to publish attack pages directed at a single volunteer.

The victim has exercised his legal rights under the GDPR and asked for the public attacks to be removed. The trademark holder in their high arrogance has decided they are above the law of the GDPR.

Therefore, in hindsight, we can see that the 2022 case really was intended for harassment. They simply didn't use the domain name for anything else.

The Wayback Machine has captured snapshots of the page:

Snapshot of Debian.Community after seizure in 2022.

Last snapshot of Debian.Community was in November 2023, a few months before Alessio Canova signed the declaration for the new UDRP case on 5 March 2024.

The volunteer resigned from mentoring at a time when he lost two family members. The trademark holder has made a gross violation of the privacy of this man's family.

We can only wonder, why did the trademark holder have to change their lawyer after the 2022 case? Is it because they tricked Jonathan Cohen into signing that declaration and then after seizing the domain, they reneged on the declaration Cohen had signed for them and used the domain for harassment anyway?

Lawyers don't like to be used like that. Is it possible that Cohen has declined to work for these puppet masters again?