Announcing DruCall, the WebRTC module for Drupal blogs, CMS and e-commerce sites

Building on my previous work to put convenient WebRTC solutions into the hands of the free software community, I've just created the DruCall WebRTC module for Drupal.

DruCall makes it easier than ever to put click-to-call functionality into virtually any Drupal powered web site, whether your run a personal blog or the United States Government (the White House really does use Drupal)

People wishing to deploy DruCall will need a WebRTC (SIP over WebSockets) capable SIP server. Both the major SIP proxies have this capability now in their development versions:

Big thanks to the developers of SIPml5 for providing a full SIP over WebSockets client in JavaScript that is used as the foundation for the DruCall project


Hi Daniel,

Any chance to make drucall working for a website hosted on a server by people who sold me the domain?
What do you recommend?


Have you asked the hosting company if they have plans to support DruCall? If so, they may provide you with an all-in-one solution. The reTurn server and repro SIP proxy support multiple domains, they are designed for virtual hosting environments. If not, you can set up a separate server to run those processes. Ideally it should have a fast network connection and a good CPU, but it does not need a lot of memory or a big disk.