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Will 2013 be the year of Bitcoin?

The economy has dominated the news in recent years, whether it was the bankruptcy of Iceland, the Greek situation or the massive US fiscal cliff. One trend that has been nipping away at the financial press and demanding a share of the limelight is the rise of Bitcoin

2012 has seen Bitcoin taking leaps and bounds as it approaches mainstream use:

The sinister secret in every hard disk

These are not my words...

"The job of any filesystem boils down to this: when asked to read (data), it should return the same data that was previously written ... Incredibly, most filesystems fail this test. They depend on the underlying hardware to detect and report errors. If a disk simply returns bad data, the average filesystem won't even detect it."

Scalable and convenient Ganglia Nagios integration

Is simplicity a priority for you in network design? Would you prefer to have a single, lightweight monitoring agent that can provide both performance and availability metrics, while guaranteeing the minimum impact on the hosts being monitored?

Nagios is phenomenally popular for network state monitoring, while Ganglia has become the go-to solution for performance monitoring (using the legendary rrdtool to store and graph metrics).