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init systems: what do users want?

The debate about Debian init system replacement continues and many developers have given their opinions.

However, what do the users want? What type of features will make it easier for users to adopt and promote Debian and free software in general? Could this even help bring improvements to other distributions too?

Some of the possibilities I've previously raised for discussion (and they are not specific to Debian by any means):

Final report on GSoC 2013 projects

Google Summer of Code finished recently. This is the first year that I have participated as a mentor for the Debian Project. Its a big responsibility to be part of the Debian team and to be one of the Debian team members representing Debian at the GSoC Mentor Summit.

Debian team at GSoC summit 2013

One of the most exciting things about the GSoC mentor summit 2013 has been the large number of participants who are Debian Developers, Debian Maintainers or other members of the wider Debian family

Debian team members at GSoC mentor summit 2013

Debian at GSoC mentor summit 2013

We're having so much fun that I'm just posting a couple of pictures... a full report will come later

Sylvestre and Daniel


Debian Outreach Program for Women 2013

Debian's Outreach Program for Women (OPW) is underway. This is a huge thing and not just something that female developers need to be concerned with.

PostBooks packages available

A common theme that comes up in free software evangelism is the question of how to tap into the huge expenditure that small to medium-sized businesses make for off-the-shelf licensed software. It is well known that many small companies are paying over the odds compared to the site-license rates given to big business, so why is it that small businesses are not rushing to adopt free and open source solutions?

Install Debian wheezy and jessie directly with btrfs RAID1

Some time ago, I provided an installation report for installing Debian wheezy onto a btrfs RAID1 filesystem.

It is not supported directly from the installer partitioning menu partman, but it is not hard to trick the installer to do it, as described in the bug report.

Calendar and Contact data with free software in the Smartphone era

Since the rise of smartphones, first Blackberry, then iPhone and now Android, the world at large has had a convenient option to fall back on for management of contact and calendar data.

DebConf13: breakthroughs in OTP and WebRTC

Saturday, 17 August was a day that saw groundbreaking new work revealed at DebConf13 and may have been a watershed moment in the emergence of WebRTC for the free software community.

Fabian Grünbichler, Daniel Pocock, Catalin Constantin Usurelu, Emil Ivov, Yana Stamcheva

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