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Free calling from browser to mobile with free software

Lumicall is now offering free calls from browser to mobile.

The whole service is powered by free software using open standards.

Ski season starts

The ski season has started again, I went down to Andermatt on Sunday to have some fun.

Here is a video made with my camera phone:

Real-time streaming market data with free software

Here is an overview of the real-time market data architecture based on OpenMAMA:

All these components may be running on a single host or they may be distributed across different servers and workstations in a LAN. The OpenMAMA market data bus ties them together.

The free software country?

Loch Ness Monster, Scotland

There is big news in Europe right now, especially the UK, about the Scottish nation's manifesto for independence.

Switzerland changes

For those with fond memories of the very successful DebConf13...

Outreach Program for Women applications

The deadline for Outreach Program for Women applications is very imminent and a range of applications have now appeared on the OPW wiki

It is great to see Debian has attracted a diverse range of women who all appear to have coding experience. Code samples have been submitted in Java, C++ and Python among other things and they come from a range of locations around the globe, including Brazil, the UK, Iran and India.

init systems: what do users want?

The debate about Debian init system replacement continues and many developers have given their opinions.

However, what do the users want? What type of features will make it easier for users to adopt and promote Debian and free software in general? Could this even help bring improvements to other distributions too?

Some of the possibilities I've previously raised for discussion (and they are not specific to Debian by any means):

Final report on GSoC 2013 projects

Google Summer of Code finished recently. This is the first year that I have participated as a mentor for the Debian Project. Its a big responsibility to be part of the Debian team and to be one of the Debian team members representing Debian at the GSoC Mentor Summit.

Debian team at GSoC summit 2013

One of the most exciting things about the GSoC mentor summit 2013 has been the large number of participants who are Debian Developers, Debian Maintainers or other members of the wider Debian family

Debian team members at GSoC mentor summit 2013

Debian at GSoC mentor summit 2013

We're having so much fun that I'm just posting a couple of pictures... a full report will come later

Sylvestre and Daniel