LogAnalyzer and rsyslog MongoDB support now in wheezy-backports and Ubuntu

LogAnalyzer is a powerful but simple log file analysis tool. The upstream web site gives an online demo.

It is developed in PHP, runs in Apache and has no other dependencies such as databases - it can read directly from the log files.

For efficiency, however, it is now trivial to make it work with MongoDB on Debian.

xTuple consults community on best license options

xTuple, the makers of PostBooks, the compelling PostgreSQL-based accounting and CRM suite have started a discussion about how to move to a more recognised license.

Hangouts Outage? Try WebRTC and JitMeet

With Hangouts being offline right now, it might be a good opportunity to catch up on some of the exciting, free and open alternatives:

Ganglia-Nagios-Bridge and JMXetric new releases

ganglia-nagios-bridge v1.1.0

A new release of ganglia-nagios-bridge is now available. The package has also been uploaded to Debian for those who use that and it will appear in backports soon. The main improvement in this version is slightly better support for generating an UNKNOWN alert in Nagios when fresh metrics fail to appear in Ganglia.

Automatically building Java projects

Another of the GSoC project areas I have offered to mentor involves automatically and recursively building Java projects.

Why is this important?

Recently, I decided to start using travis-ci to automatically build some of my Java projects.

Google Summer of Code opportunities in JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery and WebRTC

WebRTC is one of the highlights of HTML5. The latest stable releases of Google Chrome (including the free Chromium browser) and Firefox include support for this technology and although the specifications are still being finalized, this is the time when developers can start preparing the first generation of web-apps that will define the future of this technology.

Google Summer of Code opportunities in data science and machine learning with Ganglia

As mentioned in my blog on Monday, the Ganglia Project is proud to be part of Google Summer of Code in 2014

The Ganglia team are offering various types of projects and different parts of Ganglia would welcome students with different skills, for example:

MtGox is not Bitcoin

Many people may be looking at the Mt Gox implosion and wondering if this is the end for Bitcoin or even cryptocurrency in general.

I don't want to speculate either way.

Any currency - cryptocurrency included - largely depends on the confidence of its users and the quality of the systems they put in place.

Free communications software takes another big jump

One of the most exciting demonstrations at FOSDEM this year was the new JitMeet web application from the Jitsi team.

JitMeet takes the power of the traditional Jitsi Videobridge and makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere (with a modern web browser) using WebRTC.

GSoC Organisations announced, Ganglia selected for 2014

Google has just published the list of organisations for Google Summer of Code 2014

It is no surprise that big projects like Debian and Fedora are all back again.