Renewables, toilets, wifi and freedom

The first phase of the Dublin project was recently completed: wifi, a toilet and half a kitchen. An overhaul of the heating and hot water infrastructure and energy efficiency improvements are coming next.

The Irish state provides a range of Government grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (not free as in freedom, but free as in cash).

The Potterton boiler is the type of dinosaur this funding is supposed to nudge into extinction. Nonetheless, it has recently passed another safety inspection:

Not so smart

This relic has already had a date with the skip, making way for smart controls:

Renewable energy

Given the size of the property and the funding possibilities, I'm keen to fully explore options for things like heat pumps and domestic thermal stores.

Has anybody selected and managed this type of infrastructure using entirely free solutions, for example, Domoticz or Home Assistant? Please let me know, I'm keen to try these things, contribute improvements and blog about the results.

Next project: intrusion detection

With neighbours like these, who needs cat burglars? Builders assure me he has been visiting on a daily basis and checking their work.

Time for a smart dog to stand up to this trespasser?