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FOSDEM: looking for Freedom

This year I was thrilled to be able to contribute to one of Europe's leading free software community gatherings, FOSDEM, in Brussels. The weekend included assisting the telephony devroom team spearheaded by Matt Jordan of Digium and some productive face-to-face discussions about DebConf13.

Will 2013 be the year of Bitcoin?

The economy has dominated the news in recent years, whether it was the bankruptcy of Iceland, the Greek situation or the massive US fiscal cliff. One trend that has been nipping away at the financial press and demanding a share of the limelight is the rise of Bitcoin

2012 has seen Bitcoin taking leaps and bounds as it approaches mainstream use:

The sinister secret in every hard disk

These are not my words...

"The job of any filesystem boils down to this: when asked to read (data), it should return the same data that was previously written ... Incredibly, most filesystems fail this test. They depend on the underlying hardware to detect and report errors. If a disk simply returns bad data, the average filesystem won't even detect it."

Migrating a SourceForge project from Subversion to Git

Many projects are now contemplating the move from Subversion to a more modern, distributed version control system (VCS) such as Git or Mercurial.

Until recently, the default strategy was to take the whole source repository from the SourceForge site and import it into the rival GitHub site.

dynalogin presentation at FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels

The annual FOSDEM conference takes place 5-6 February 2011 in Brussels, Belgium

The security devroom features a one-hour session, run by myself, on the dynalogin two-factor authentication framework.

This is an excellent opportunity for

Scalable and convenient Ganglia Nagios integration

Is simplicity a priority for you in network design? Would you prefer to have a single, lightweight monitoring agent that can provide both performance and availability metrics, while guaranteeing the minimum impact on the hosts being monitored?

Nagios is phenomenally popular for network state monitoring, while Ganglia has become the go-to solution for performance monitoring (using the legendary rrdtool to store and graph metrics).

SIP or Jabber?

Three open protocols (SIP, Jabber/XMPP and H.323) have been fighting it out to become the Internet equivalent of a phone call. What does this mean for you?