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Switzerland Schilthorn with 007 (video - leg 2)

What has DebConf13 got in common with James Bond? The connection with Switzerland of course. Bond creator Ian Flemming actually spent time living in Switzerland and this beautiful alpine country was featured in more than one of his books/movies, including Goldfinger

reSIProcate and reTURN come to Fedora

This week, I've released the first official reSIProcate packages for Fedora. EPEL packages for RHEL5 and RHEL6 are on the way too. This is exceptionally good news for Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT routers and every other platform that is already carrying these packages.

Google Summer of Code, tips for students

I've had quite a few queries about the project ideas for Google Summer of Code on the Lumicall and Debian project pages and I'm publishing some notes here to help people get the best chance of participating, while also helping people's expectations.

Switzerland Rigi-Bahn scenic mountain railway, Swiss rail travel (video)

With DebConf13 registrations opening very soon, it's about time to share some more about Swiss travel.

Quickstart: Integrating SIP support into any application with reSIProcate

Today's applications are more dynamic and interactive than ever before, typically offering the user many ways to collaborate or get live data about their community or environment as they need it.

Comparing packaging workflows in Debian and beyond

My blog post yesterday about Debian's git packaging workflows was meant to help fill some gaps in the documentation of this process, one of the most significant being the diagram.

The multiple repository conundrum in Linux packaging

I'm involved with a number of free software projects as both a developer and as the maintainer of packages for various distributions such as Debian (which also feeds packages to Ubuntu) and OpenCSW.

I regularly come across the following situations:

Migrating to Xen Cloud Platform (XCP Xen-API) on Debian wheezy

I recently decided to upgrade my server and host it in a new location (turns out that leaving the UK hosting was a smart move too, as new UK laws to rein in the press are more likely to punish and censor private web sites and bloggers)

Switzerland Glacier Express (video)

With many people coming to visit this year, both for DebConf13 and holidays, I'm going to start sharing some Swiss travel tips here in the blog.

One of Switzerland's most popular tourist promotions is the Glacier Express railway. Here are the facts and a cool video.

Avoid tickets/itineraries with fixed dates for visiting the mountains.

The full Glacier Express journey is about 6 hours, and if it is cloudy or foggy, it is 6 hours in a train just like any other train.

Spotting Cypriots with Bitcoin

For anybody in Cyrpus right now, it should be relatively easy to spot those residents who keep their wealth in physical gold, silver or Bitcoin. Why? They will be the only people smiling this week, as everybody else has just had 6-10% of their bank account gouged by a once-off tax.

What is really scary is that Cyprus is a Eurozone country.